Welcome to Horseshoe B Cattle Company located in Hempstead, TX. We are a family based operation owned by Dwayne, Tonya, Adelyn and Peyton Bronikowski. Both Dwayne and Tonya received a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University.

At Horseshoe B Cattle we strive to produce Miniature Hereford cattle that have “Show Appeal” with a strong emphasis on long, clean front ends. All matings are strategically planned and done through A.I., ET or natural service.

Other breeders participating in the breed and spectators all recognized that the future is very bright for this breed. Each year there are more shows and more interest. In Texas Miniature Herefords can be shown by children at the age of three years old and we strive to raise quality show cattle for kids of all ages, especially those of the early childhood age. Getting involved early gives the kids a head start on the fundamentals of showing, building confidence and learning responsibilities.

We invite you to come join us in the next big thing!

Bulls, Bred Cows, Show Heifers, Show Steers, Semen and Embryos.

“The Miniature Hereford show has been outstanding this morning in Oklahoma City. Lots of high quality cattle and some outstanding young, enthusiastic showmen. I’d like to compliment the breeders and the Mini Hereford organization for developing an avenue for these very young showmen to become involved and have an opportunity to show. The Mini Herefords have allowed that to happen. They are usually very docile, easy going and quiet tempered and with their very small frame, offers the young showman an event to compete where they feel comfortable, have fun, and feel a part of their show family. Also the cattle are very good and are improving everyday. More importantly, the parents can relax and feel at ease while their children are showing.Jim Williams
2016 Oklahoma Youth Expo
“Every kid should show some mini’s. The kids that show mini’s excel when they start showing big cattle. The mini’s basically teach the kids how to show.”Bobby Mattox
“I’ve been watching kids get started showing cattle with mini’s for a while now, and I think it’s clear the kids who started with mini’s are ahead of the game with showmanship once they start showing big cattle.”Timmy Lucherk

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